Predicting the VW share collapse a year ago

Who else will fall?

Companies that do outstandingly well on the back of a “hero” CEO will crash, we predicted a year ago. The hero generally turns into an over-controlling, hyped up central figure who spends way too long in the job; who has the blind enthusiasm of investors and the public; who indulges in a stream of acquisitions; and who ensures there are no obvious successors.

Volkswagen was on our list. Which are the other companies? Take a look at our video on YouTube.





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Six Steps to Retaining Your Promising Female Executives

686 Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf advises

The City of London retains its ranking among the top two global world centres, but Asian centres are snapping at its heels. The City is only as good as the talented workforce that joins, grows and leads it. The fact that too many promising female executives drop out is a problem that must be addressed as part of the ongoing work to boost its international appeal.

Dame Fiona Woolf, 686th Lord Mayor, instituted the Power of Diversity programme in her 2013/14 term, a strategy followed by subsequent Lord Mayors. Here are her six …

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Homage to Spain

Why recent local elections don’t change the investing scenario

All politicians are required to get out and “press the flesh,” as shaking hands with voters is dubbed. As my flesh was being pressed by Carmen,* my mother’s longstanding masseuse, the results of last Sunday’s local elections in Spain seemed a fit subject for discussion.

Mention the governing Partido Popular (PP) and her strength redoubles with indignation at the constant revelations of corruption in its midst. She pays little attention to the party’s labour reforms and austerity measures, which allied to a low oil price laid the seeds for this year’s …

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How to make your charity donations surge

A Google guru’s advice

One statistic stood out from all the damning ones included in the presentation. The charity sector’s digital spend on marketing is falling – now at a measly 1.7% from 2.3% a few years ago. Ludicrous, given that 75% of donors use online resources to look for information and the private sector has been increasing its digital spend massively.

Dan Cobley, author of the presentation, had one heartening message: there is a vast amount of free help available to boost the online presence and interaction of charities. The former head of European Marketing at Google, and …

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Time to call a halt to regulatory overkill

…and why even Archbishop Welby agrees

None can disagree with the need for a regulatory transformation of the banking sector following the 2008 financial crisis. Yet after seven years the blitzkrieg of rules continues amidst a confusion of overlapping and contradictory requirements. It beggars belief that the rules on too big to fail were only agreed in principle in November last year by the G20, while the details have yet to be made final.

Speaking to bank CEOs and Chairs in the UK and Europe, who dare not complain publicly, the regulatory fatigue that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney …

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